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Ali Amadou Niangado

Regional Coordinator, Initiatives Intégrées pour la Croissance Economique au Mali (IICEM)


What most impressed the professional colleagues who nominated this role model?

During his long career, Ali Amadou Niangado has contributed greatly to increasing farmer productivity and incomes in Mali.  During his 12 years at the Malian cotton company (CMDT), he worked with many hundreds of farmers to promote improved livestock and farming practices.  This has strongly contributed to increasing income and animal protein availability as well as expansion of cotton, maize, millet, sorghum and cowpeas in southern Mali. 

Since 2010, he has worked as value chain specialist at IICEM, a project promoting development of millet, sorghum and rice value chains through introduction of new seeds, training in improved agronomic practices, linking farmer groups to bank credit and improving marketing through farmer organizations. 

What motivated you to pursue a career in agriculture?

  • It happened accidentally.  My father wanted me to study agriculture, but I preferred medicine (surgery). 
  • My father was an accountant with the Office du Niger (a large Malian irrigation scheme).  He owned hundreds of cattle, wanted me to study veterinary medicine. 
  • When I received a scholarship to study in Russia, I requested to study medicine.  But my father intervened through a friend to change my placement from human to veterinary medicine.  I discovered this change only after arriving in Russia.
  • At first, I was angry.  But I have come to value my agricultural training. 

How can agricultural education institutions more effectively prepare African students for successful agribusiness careers? 

  • Currently, curriculum in animal and crop production is sufficient.
  • However, post-farm segments of the value chain are largely missing.  Schools, therefore, need to increase their training in marketing, processing and economics. 
  • Students need more practical experiences so they can see how to apply agricultural sciences on farms and in businesses. 

Career highlights

  • Regional Coordinator, Initiatives Intégrées pour la Croissance Economique au Mali (IICEM).
  • Livestock Advisor, CMDT (Malian cotton company).

Educational background

  • Primary:
    • Segou Primary School.
  • Secondary:
    • Segou Lycée.
  • University:  
    • Academy of Veterinary Medicine, Moscow (2 years).
    • Ingenieur des Sciences Appliquées, Spécialisation en zootechnie, Institut Polytechnique Rural (IPR), Mali.