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Felicia Afia Nyantakyi

Agribusiness entrepreneur and founding member of the Ghana Agricultural Input Dealers Association


What most impressed the professional colleagues who nominated this role model?

Felicia Nyantakyi is the founder and Managing Director of the Seed Shop Company.  Over time, she has expanded her market base from importing vegetable and flower seeds from MayFord Seeds in South Africa and included pesticides and fertilizers to her product range which led to the establishment a full-blown agricultural input dealership, the Seedshop Company Ltd.   Currently, she operates from the Millennium Development Authority’s Agribusiness Centre at Gomoa Abaasa in the Central region of Ghana where she offers a wide range of agricultural services from pre-planting in the area of tractor services, through to post-harvest services (from carting of maize, shelling, drying, cleaning and warehousing) to marketing of maize. 

The steady growth of her agribusinesses coupled with her many contributions to the development of the agricultural input industry led to her election to the position of the National Vice-President of the Ghana Agricultural Input Dealers Association (GAIDA) in July, 2009.  She serves as a role model and mentor to women in the agricultural sector through her work with the association.

What motivated you to pursue a career in agriculture?

  • My passion for a good salad motivated me to experiment with vegetable seeds in my home garden.  Ultimately, this passion led me to establish a seed business. 
  • My husband was instrumental in helping me advance my business.  Through his network, he linked me up to suppliers from RSA and so I became the first distributor of Mayford seed in Ghana.  I first opened a seed shop and later diversified into chemicals.
  • My desire to help small farmers deal with post-harvest losses led me to establish an agro processing plant and grain warehouse with a grant from The Millennium Development Authority, Ghana

How can agricultural education institutions more effectively prepare African students for successful agribusiness careers? 

  • Primary level:
    • Lay the foundation well at primary level. 
    • Transform the image of agriculture.  Agriculture should not be used as a punishment in schools. Children should see agriculture as a fun game, the same way they see physical education
  • Secondary and university levels: 
    • Farming and agribusiness should be engraved into the curriculum. 
    • Students should be taught that agriculture is not just farming but includes all the other agribusiness activities associated with servicing the consumers. 
  • Schools and industry should collaborate as this will mold well rounded entrepreneurs.

 Career highlights

  • Founder and Managing Director, Seed Shop Company Ltd.
  • Founding member and Vice President of the Ghana Agricultural Input Dealers Association
  • Beautician and gift shop owner

Educational background

  • Primary School:
    • Nyhiaesu International School in Kumasi 
  • Secondary School:

    • Osei Kyeretwie Secondary School
    • Labone Secondary School