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Maggie Kigozi

Commercial Farmer, Honorary Professor and Former Director, Uganda Investment Authority


What most impressed the professional colleagues who nominated this role model?

Maggie Kigozi has displayed exceptional energy and an equally powerful intellect in a succession of highly successful careers –as a medical doctor, a businessperson and commercial farmer.  In each phase of her career, she has displayed strong leadership skills as well as an ability to think outside the box.  Her recognized organizational skills have led to a succession of leadership positions—as Chief Executive Officer of the Uganda Private Sector Foundation, Director of Crown Beverages and Executive Director of  the Uganda Investment Authority.  She is widely recognized as one of Uganda’s most successful businesswomen.  She had the courage and confidence to leave a comfortable career in the medical profession in order to enter the private sector, where she has made a lasting contribution to the development of Uganda’s business and agribusiness community. 

What motivated you to pursue a career in agriculture?

  • I was born and grew up in an agricultural country and agricultural family. My family was fully involved in farming especially in coffee production.
  • After pursuing careers in medicine and then business, I have returned to farming.

How can agricultural education institutions more effectively prepare African students for successful agribusiness careers? 

  • Students at AET institutions need more hands-on, practical training. 
  • Consider increasing tuition at Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in order to meet the increased costs of practical work.
  • Government needs to work out a funding strategy to accommodate the poor students and at the same time maintain quality.
  • Think about offering Lower Certificate training programs, but making sure that there is excellence in research and dissemination of research results. 
  • Strike a balance between copyright and public awareness (issues of Intellectual Property)
  • Vocational Colleges should be put back in place.
  • Short courses should be conducted such that even someone with a degree can go back to the institution to acquire special skills.
  • Dialogue should be held between AETs and private sector and try to address what the private sector’s challenges. This will help the AETs to do what the market wants hence making them relevant.
  • The business incubator facility at Makerere College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is a good initiative that could be used to train the private sector.  The private sector should be able to send staff to the AET for training in specific business skills.
  • Entrepreneurship skills should be incorporated in the curriculum at AETs.  Students should also get business skills while still at AET institution.
  • The commercialisation drive should not only target the large farmers; subsistence farmers should also be targeted because they can also make money out of farming.

 Career highlights

  • Commercial farmer.
  • Executive Director of Uganda Investment Authority.
  • Director, Director Crown Beverages Ltd.
  • Honorary Professor, Makerere University.
  • Executive Director, Private Sector Foundation, Uganda.
  • Advisor, Uganda Manufacturers Association
  • Medical Doctor

Educational background

  • Primary school:                     
    • Aga Khan Primary School
  • Secondary school:                 

    • Gayaza High School
    • Kololo Secondary School
  • University:                             
    • M.D., Makerere University