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Journal Special Issue: Modernizing Africa Food Systems. 2015.  Dr. Steven Haggblade, Dr. John B. Kaneene, Dr. David L. Tschirley and Dr. Isaac Minde.  Editor(s).  Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies   Volume 5, Issue 2. (Start page 94)

           Articles Published:

  • Special Issue Introduction: Sub-Saharan Africa’s Agri-Food System in Transition.   by John B. Kaneene , Steven Haggblade , David L Tschirley.  (pp. 94 - 101)
  • Africa ’ S Unfolding Diet Transformation: Implications for Agrifood System Employment.  by David L Tschirley , Jason Snyder , Michael Dolislager , Thomas Reardon , Steven Haggblade , Joseph Goeb , Lulama Traub , Francis Ejobi , Ferdi Meyer.  (pp. 102 – 136)
  • Challenges for Agricultural Education and Training (AET) Institutions in Preparing Growing Student Populations for Productive Careers in the Agri-Food System.  by Isaac Minde , Stephanus Terblanche , Bernard Bashaasha , Ignacio Casper Madakadze , Jason Snyder , Anthony Mugisha.  (pp. 137 - 169)
  • Motivating and Preparing African Youth for Successful Careers in Agribusiness: Insights From Agricultural Role Models.   by Steven Haggblade , Antony Chapoto , Aissetou Drame-Yayé , Sheryl L. Hendriks , Stephen Kabwe , Isaac Minde , Johnny Mugisha , Stephanus Terblanche. (pp. 170 - 189)
  • Implications of Changing Agri-Food System Structure for Agricultural Education and Training in Sub-Saharan Africa.  by John David Kabasa , Johann Kirsten , Isaac Minde.  (pp. 190 - 199)Bottom of Form